Amy Schumer Uses and Abuses the Force

Funny woman Amy Schumer is coming off a relatively good high as of late. Her new romantic comedy is out in theaters and thanks to her acceptance speech at the 2015 Glamour Awards, she has become somewhat of an icon for powerful women everywhere. Her latest outing for GQ’s Comedy Issue has been to don the guise of everyone’s favorite princess from a galaxy far far away. Of course Schumer doesn’t do anything halfway or without putting her brand of comedy on it.


GQ let her pick her own cover idea and Schumer not just went funny and geeky, but she blew out our servomotors. It is a shame that GQ is only featuring Schumer as part of their “comedy” issue. She is a powerful and sexy woman and we would not mind seeing more of her and those like her on the cover of GQ in the future.

For insight into the Schumer shoot, check out GQ and the hilarious video she made while lying next to a bewildered and somewhat jumpy C3PO. Of course in all fairness, surprised and a bit insulted tends to be Threepio’s default look, but it works fairly well. Our personal favorite would have to be the bar scene. Check out the magazine and the pictures below for more.

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