The Superhuman Registration Action was the main bill passed by the US Congress that caused the Marvel Civil War in the comic books. We here at The NYRD loved every minute of that comic crossover, and some of our best debates are still over whether or not registering super humans with the government is a […]


Spring is finally here and you know what that means? T-shirt season has finally arrived. To celebrate we are bringing you our newest mashup entitled, Teenage Mutant Jedi Turtles. Can these four young Jedi brothers defeat the evil Empire of the Foot run by Emperor Krang and Darth Shredder? So forget the Darkside or even […]

As much as we at The NYRD love movies, even we have to admit they get a little old every now and then. When we were growing up movies used to astound us and bring us to new places. Now it seems like all we get are the same old things wrapped in a new […]

Perhaps you recently read that we here at The NYRD have decided that it is time to introduce a new party to the hot, sticky, and unseemly jungle that is American politics. Thus, the Nerd Party has been born and we are committed to doing what is right for Americans, young and old, man and […]

One thing has been made painfully clear this election cycle, America is in need of an overhaul of its political system. For the past century the United States has been stuck with two powerful political parties and now both the Democrats and Republicans are showing more holes than the plot of Spider-Man 3, except maybe […]

MAGFest stands for Music and Gaming Festival. It is an annual convention -now in its fourteenth year- that takes place every winter in Washington DC’s National Harbor. MAGFest is a great place to check out video games, board games, and roleplaying games, as well as geek-tacular music and panels dedicated to all forms of gaming. […]

We here at The NYRD are geeks through and through, but we have often resented the fact that geeks are not supposed to like sports. On the contrary, we could not be more excited for the coming football extravaganza taking place this weekend. In fact, we are so excited about our Sunday of nacho dip, […]

The world of DC Comics is full of fantastic heroes and heroines, but even they had heroes of their own, both on and off the gridiron. Every city in the DC Universe has its own flair and feeling, and their own sport’s franchises that captured the imagination of prepubescent superheroes. Now you can be like […]

GM: Welcome. Most other networks and news outlets are concerned with how the political candidates fair in debate or at town hall meetings, but here we don’t care about any of that. At the NYRD we believe that there is only one true test of leadership and teamwork, and that is why we have asked […]

GM: Dr. Benjamin son of Car and the wizard, Trump the Best, make their way to the mayor’s former house where the body is being kept on display as per the town’s tradition. Clintina arrives a few moments later and the group enters together to inspect the body. CLINTON: What was the results of that […]


It is 2016, a shiny new year in the 21st century. There is no denying that we are in the future, a time when our sock hopping ancestors believed we would have things like jet packs and underwater cities. Instead all we have are underwater pollution and -criminally mislabeled- “hoverboards.” Still, our modern era is […]

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through The NYRD Not a person was typing, not even a word. The stockings were posted on Facebook with flair, In hopes of getting Comments, Likes, or a Share. One writer was nestled all snug in his cube, While fighting with permissions on fraking Youtube. How that man […]

Winter is coming and you know what means, the holidays. Now is the time to check out The NYRD’s newest line of geeky and fun shirts from The NYRD Shop. For this holiday season get you and your loved ones an array of Game of Thrones/Avengers shirts. This marvelous mash-up features  the Westerosi houses of your […]

It’s happening. The trailer for Zoolander 2 has finally hit the Inter-webs, and surprisingly the trailer does not look as bad as one might expect. Everyone here at The NYRD are huge fans of the original movie, but even we have to admit that sequels to comedy movies very rarely work. Just look at The […]

Over the weekend Legendary Films released their first full length trailer for the film Warcraft. The movie is based upon the popular video game franchise from Blizzard and will feature the story of the first meeting and the first war between Orcs and Humans. Visually, the effects are being handled by Weta Workshop and look […]

It has been rumored for quite sometime that Star Trek would be returning to the small screen. According to multiple outlets, Alex Kurtzman who co-wrote 2009’s Star Trek and its confusing and terrible sequel Star Trek Into Darkness, will be the executive producer of the new show. Many fans have already come out with comments […]

Once upon a midday dream, while we pondered Halloween, Over many a quaint and curious website of digital lore, While we searched, nearly napping, on the keyboard, always tapping, And then some one gently rapping, dropping beats and rhymes galore. “‘Stop this poetic bore,” twas muttered, “and write your journalist’s chore- Only prose, and nothing more!” […]

We have all been hearing a lot about this Star Wars thing lately. The newest trailer dropped last week and the Internet has been talking about nothing else since. Unfortunately, the thing the last trailer lacked was any sort of solid idea of what Episode VII might be about. Well the guys at Science Vs. […]

If you say, “Marc Spector” to your average person they will have no idea who you are talking about, but with the success of Daredevil and early positive reviews for Jessica Jones, Marvel may soon look to add Moon Knight to their Netflix line-up. The rumor comes from Umberto Gonzalez of Heroic Hollywood. He dropped […]

Do you remember Dino-Riders? If you do, then you are one of very few people, or you work for The NYRD, -in which case we are still waiting on your W-9 form.- Mattel is reportedly in the early stages of turning the late 80’s cartoon series into a live-action feature film, with a possible franchise […]

It is that time of the year again. The month of October where people dress up in scary and sexy costumes to celebrate the most important event of the year, New York Comic Con. What else would we have been talking about? However, if you don’t have tickets to this premiere New York nerd event, […]

Lionsgate has said that it is currently testing young talent in hopes of finding up-and-coming actors and actresses who they will cast in their reboot of the Power Rangers franchise. Currently, they just announced the casting of Naomi Scott, who recently had a role in The Martian. Scott will be playing the Pink Ranger, -because […]

Marvel Studios has just announced three untitled movies for their Phase 3 schedule in 2020. The three films have release dates of May 1, 2020, July 10, 2020, and Nov. 6, 2020. This schedule update came on the heels of another announced title. With the success of Marvel’s Ant-Man, Marvel Studios has also officially announced a […]

During a press conference today, NASA scientists confirmed a long held suspicion.  There is water on Mars. Lujendra Ojha, Mary Beth Wilhelm, and Alfred McEwen presented findings they have recently published in a paper for the European Planetary Science Congress, an organization with a name that sounds way cooler than its boring academic purpose. In the […]

According to rumors and bolstered by the existence of a Facebook page, Nickelodeon will soon be launching a channel dedicated entirely to 90’s cartoons, or Nick-Toons as they were known back in the day. Rugrats; Hey, Arnold; Ren & Stimpy; Rocko’s Modern Life; Ahh, Real Monsters; and more will air on The Splat. Nickelodeon has […]

We here at The NYRD are all born and raised in the New York area and we keenly remember that day so long ago now. Over the years, we have become different people, the world a different place, but that day remains etched, immutable, in the annals of our memories and our histories. For one moment, the city, […]

Who among us has not gazed out into the night sky and envisioned the possibilities. Science fictions are all about possibilities. Our graphic artists have taken some of NASA best images and used their skill to insert some of our favorite stories, because space is a vast and incredible place, and there is no telling […]

This weekend marked the annual D23 Expo, one of the biggest Disney Conventions dating back to 2009. D23 is the official name of the Disney Fan Club, named because 1923 is the year that Walt Disney left Kansas for California and begin his domination of the planet. Over the past few years, and thanks in […]

With the flop of last week’s Fant4stic Four movie it may be time to start asking ourselves if superhero movies are starting to go more stale than that loaf of bread that has been sitting on top of our office refrigerator since April? -We’re not actually sure where the bread came from. It is actually a bit of […]