As of the publishing of this article, 854,312 people have “disliked” the first trailer for the new Ghostbusters reboot. In comparison the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot trailer only received 20,223 dislikes, and that was a movie shot in grey tones solely for the enjoyment of the executives at Fox who were only interested in keeping […]

Box Office

What does Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and the Avengers have in common… besides Samuel L. Jackson? Each franchise has had one movie score over $200,000 in box office sales during their opening weekends. In Hollywood circles that is a big deal and a big indicator of a movie’s success, but is it? Is it really? […]

The original Ghostbusters came out back in 1984, as a true product of its time. The Reagan era was just starting to heat up. The recession of the early 1980’s was affecting families across the board, and Times Square had more strippers than a paint store. It was not a time for heroes who were powerful or […]

We here at The NYRD finally feel that enough time has passed that we can be -relatively- certain that most of the world has seen Star Wars: The Force Rises Groggily After Its Alarm Goes Off. So we decided that now might be the best time to have a heart-to-heart about the movie’s main protagonist, Kylo Ren and how […]

The Lego Movie was a surprise monster hit to everyone, including the staff here at The NYRD, and as life long Master Builders ourselves we were thrilled with the movie we got. It had all the humor, action, and anti-copyright arguments Internet writers such as ourselves could hope for. “Wait,” you might be asking, “what […]

It has finally arrived in blazing trail of flaming tire marks, October 21, 2015. This day has been hotly anticipated by the Internet, but much like October 20th or September 21st, the truth is that it is a day like any other. We look at the world that Marty McFly visited and part of us […]

With the flop of last week’s Fant4stic Four movie it may be time to start asking ourselves if superhero movies are starting to go more stale than that loaf of bread that has been sitting on top of our office refrigerator since April? -We’re not actually sure where the bread came from. It is actually a bit of […]

You should not go see Pixels. There is not much else to say, but in an effort to not make this the shortest movie review we have ever written here at The NYRD we will endeavor to continue. After all, it could not be any less painful than seeing the actual movie. Gala-Go Away This movie […]

Some say that the best movies are those that are about the process of making movies. We say that the best movies involve dinosaurs, but you might find it surprising that both might actually be true about one of this year’s newest blockbusters, Jurassic World. did you think we were going to say, Furious 7? Considering that this prehistoric-murder-romp has currently grossed a worldwide […]