Hello and Valar Morghulis to all our viewers at home. We want to welcome you back to our final week of coverage and our recap of the Westeros Olympics. It has been an exciting festival of talent and competition this year. Isn’t that right, Chuck?… Chuck? Hold on, I’m being told that Chuck died. The […]

Thank you Principal Wasserman and hello students of Roosevelt High School. I know a lot of you were expecting Dr. Richard Chase, but he was… ahh.. unexpectedly tied up at the last minute. I am his replacement. Some of you may know me as one of the rich and powerful, but I have been many […]

As much as we at The NYRD love movies, even we have to admit they get a little old every now and then. When we were growing up movies used to astound us and bring us to new places. Now it seems like all we get are the same old things wrapped in a new […]

Perhaps you recently read that we here at The NYRD have decided that it is time to introduce a new party to the hot, sticky, and unseemly jungle that is American politics. Thus, the Nerd Party has been born and we are committed to doing what is right for Americans, young and old, man and […]

GM: Welcome. Most other networks and news outlets are concerned with how the political candidates fair in debate or at town hall meetings, but here we don’t care about any of that. At the NYRD we believe that there is only one true test of leadership and teamwork, and that is why we have asked […]

Long ago, our ancestors gazed up to the stars to find the meaning and guidance that was hidden in the sparkly goodness of the zodiac. For in those celestial shapes they found wisdom and stories of great heroes and deeds. We are no different than our stargazing forefathers, as we too tell stories of heroes […]

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through The NYRD Not a person was typing, not even a word. The stockings were posted on Facebook with flair, In hopes of getting Comments, Likes, or a Share. One writer was nestled all snug in his cube, While fighting with permissions on fraking Youtube. How that man […]

We are all looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, that special someone who will make us feel like we’re in a Disney movie with singing crabs and kleptomaniac monkey sidekicks. Unfortunately, not everyone we date will always meet our expectations. If only our partners could be more like the heroes and heroines we read about […]