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Disney has finally released it’s cartoon-gloved-grip on the latest trailer for Captain America’s next outing, and boy is it a big one. Captain America: Civil War, looks like it is shaping up to be Avengers 2.5, with many of the Marvel Cinematic cast returning. The story itself will follow along the lines of the famous Civil War crossover event from the comics, which will put Captain America at odds with Iron Man. This has been the movie that many nerds have been waiting to see, including those of us here at The NYRD.

The trailer itself is unusual because it debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but Disney has been going to great lengths lately to drop their geekiest of trailers in the most unusual places, including presenting the last Star Wars; The Force Awakens trailer during football. For Disney/ABC this seems like an attempt to draw in new audiences to these franchises,while forcing obsessive and fanatic fans to watch events and shows they would not normally watch.

As for the trailer itself, it hits most of the notes people are looking for, but probably the most exciting shots are the few glimpses we get of Black Panther. We personally cannot wait to see how this Civil War pans outs. Still no Spider-Man sightings.

Captain America: Civil War debuts in theaters on May 6.

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