Dino-Riders, The Movie

Do you remember Dino-Riders? If you do, then you are one of very few people, or you work for The NYRD, -in which case we are still waiting on your W-9 form.- Mattel is reportedly in the early stages of turning the late 80’s cartoon series into a live-action feature film, with a possible franchise option, because of course.

The Dino-Riders cartoon show was about two races of futuristic beings, the Valorians and the Rulons, whom crash land on prehistoric Earth. They are trapped and unable to get back to their own time so they use their technology and psychic abilities to harness the dinosaurs as pets, laborers, and massively cool weapons of war. Basically think, T-Rex with rocket launchers. Quite frankly, we are just surprised no one has though of making this movie sooner.

We are only weeks away from a disappointing Jem and the Holograms live-action movie, and Hasbro has announced their intention to keep pumping out crappy Transformer movies. So, with no sign of Hollywood slowing down on their 80’s nostalgia obsession, Dino-Riders, could be the next logical step. The premise is certainly no crazier than transforming robots from space, and with the success of Jurassic World, dinosaurs are in again.

The franchise was originally created by Carla and Gerry Conway, the same Conway who also co-created the Punisher for Marvel. The series only ran 14 episodes, -which is not something our prepubescent selves realized until just now.- Similar to Transformers or GI Joe, the show was developed primarily to sell toys, though it never shared the same amount of success as the former two. Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime, was even part of the Dino-Riders original voice cast.

Alissa Phillips and Stephen L’Heureux are producing the movie for Solipsist, and are said to currently be searching for a writer to pen the adaptation’s script. If they are looking for any suggestions we have a few writers on staff who are actually very big fans of the original cartoon show and still even own some of the toys… Call us.

Photo courtesy: http://www.dinoriders.eu/index.php/dinosaurs/


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