Hateful Eight Trailer Arrives

Quentin Tarantino is at it again. His eighth upcoming movie about over the top blood, gore, and most likely revenge is titled The Hateful Eight. Through we were not the biggest fans of Django Unchained it looks likes Tarantino is pulling out all the stops for his second western about eight strangers trapped together for better and worse. Originally, it was reported that Tarantino was going to stop work on the movie after the script leaked online, but thankfully that turned out to be false.

As far as the trailer itself, it should be no surprise that the first face we see belongs to Samuel L. Jackson. He has been in almost every Tarantino movie, and non-Tarantino movie, since Pulp Fiction. In fact, we have a theory that Jackson has a cameo a Nazi soldier in Inglorious Bastards. That’s how good of an actor he is. You never even saw him.

Even better is the anticipated return of Kurt Russell. Don’t ask us where Kurt Russell went after Escape From LA. Seriously, we stopped paying attention. He might have appeared in some car commercial we saw a few months ago, but regardless, it is great to see him getting back to his badass-gun-toting roots.

Tarantino rarely disappoints, and we here at The NYRD will be eagerly watching what else comes from the Hateful Eight in the next coming months. So stay tuned.

Photo courtesy: http://www.etonline.com/movies/149100_first_official_poster_for_the_hateful_eight/

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