NYRD Holiday Sale and NEW DC Shirts


It’s that time of the year again, when we want to promote all the great things in life, like Peace on Earth, and 15% off on all NYRD products and shirts along with free standard shipping. That’s right! Welcome to The NYRD Shop’s Holiday Sale!

What better way to honor the holiday season than to honor those heroic men and women that keep the streets of the DC Universe safe. No we’re not talking about men who can leap tall buildings, or who can dress up like nocturnal rodents because of their mommy and daddy issues. We are talking about the finest of Gotham City, the smartest of Central City, and the bravest of Metropolis. Our three new shirts will let you walk around with pride know this you too support police and fireman in fictional worlds.

So visit The NYRD Shop today and check out all our latest and greatest shirts and products to round out your holiday shopping.

15% off all products
Free Standard Shipping
Offers expires November 28, 2016


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