Independence Day: Resurgence

Personally, we would have went with the title Independence Day: Veterans’ Days, but that is just us. However, it could be accurate as both Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman are looking much older than their former alien fighting glory days in the new Independence Day trailer. Of course, Will Smith is nowhere to be seen, which will remain to be seen whether that is a good or poor decision on the part of DC’s Deadshot. Still despite all of this we are intrigued.

Independence Day is one of the seminal Roland Emmerich disaster movies. When it was released 1996 it set the new record for not only what a disaster movie should be, but gave us a new ideas of the alien invasion movie. Also, Will Smith had all the good one-liners.  However, from what we see of this new trailer, it is possible that this next movie will be more of a sci-fi adventure movie, rather than a disaster movie. After all, Earth has adapted and rebuilt. It has used the technology from the crashed alien ships to upgrade their technology, which looks like it includes new fighter jets, laser guns, and Jeff Goldblum on the moon.

You would think this new fight between Earth and the invading aliens will be a bit more balanced, which could lend for even better drama or could prove this new Independence Day was a blockbuster too far. Let us know what you think? Will the aliens win this time? Will a bearded Bill Pullman give an even more epic speech? Is Will Smith Dead? let us know your thoughts below.

Independence Day: Resurgence opens in theaters on June 24, 2016.

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