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Are you a writer, an artist, or just a creative person in general? Well, great news, because The NYRD is looking for people just like you to write and create new content for our website. It takes many talented people to run a successful and interesting website and that is why we need your help. We’re looking for all sorts of people who want to contribute, and the best part is, becoming a regular contributor is the first step to becoming a staff member of The NYRD. We are a growing company and we want you to get in on the ground floor now.

All submissions will be credited to their creators along with any links to social media or blogs that you might want to advertise, but remember to REGISTER. It is free and easy.

Are you a writer?

1. We accept all forms of written work, but we are especially looking for articles the delve deeper into comics, movies, TV, and pop culture stories and trends.

2. Additionally, we at The NYRD are also striving to take real world issues and break them down using examples, analogies, and humor from those very same pop culture mediums.

3. Maybe you prefer fiction? Well, we are very interested in getting short story submissions, science fiction, fantasy, humor, etc. Please no fan-fiction.

4. Or maybe you are good at keeping up with the latest trending news and topics. We are always looking for people to submit short news blurbs of at least 200 words about what is going on out there in the world and in the world of geekdom.

Make sure to check out our posted articles to get a feel for how we at The NYRD write. Don’t worry if you can’t match our style exactly. We can help and we always want to encourage everyone’s own original voice. For more rules on submitting your work, check out our SUBMISSIONS page. We will look over anything you choose to submit and one of our editors will get in contact with you promptly.

The NYRD strives to be as visually appealing as it can be.

1. We want to use your unique and original designs to showcase our non-news articles.

2. We also just like seeing your amazing artwork and we want to display it in one of our galleries. This includes all original content, sketches, paintings, photographs, graphic designs, etc.

3. We are very interested in people willing to create InfoGraphics for our current and future articles. We want to see fun and visually appealing graphics that help break down interesting facts and enhance the quality of our articles.

4. Lastly, we are also looking for anyone willing to create nerd-themed political cartoons. The cartoons would break down the events and topics of the day using references from geek and popular culture. We are very interested in starting a cartoon of the day gallery in our gallery section.

If any of this sounds like an interesting idea, then stop reading and send us an email already at, and be sure to checkout our FORUMS for ideas.

We aren’t going to lie, we need a lot of help. So even if you are not a talented writer or artist there is still plenty of ways to contribute.

1. First and foremost, Like Us, Share Us, Retweet Us, and all that good stuff on any social media platform you might possess. We are even on Google+, for some reason.

2. Secondly, and just as important, check out our FORUMS section. Tell us what you want to read about. Give our authors and artists ideas about what they should create. Tell us what is going on in the world that you want to hear more about or about anything that you might find interesting.

We are always looking for feedback, advice, suggestions, ideas, puppies, pictures, and anything else you might want to contribute. Also, do not hesitate to comment on any article you find interesting. We want to hear from you. We only ask that you respect your fellow commenters and users. We keep a herd of savage billy goats penned up in back to take care of any trolls we find.

Final Thoughts
We need your help. Have we said that already? The NYRD has the potential to grow into something incredible and very special. We are home grown geeks from the NYC area and we know there is a lot of potential in this city to do great things. We see it everyday in the people we meet and the amazing artists and nerds that litter not just our streets, but streets all over America and the World. Come and be a part of our team, and contribute what you can. Even if you think you don’t have the talent, submit something. Let us be the judge. We want your help, because none of us can change the world  alone.

The first step is to REGISTER. So sign up today.

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