Legends of the Hidden Temple Movie

Yes, you read the title of this article right. Nickelodeon, as part of its upcoming slate has announced a movie. The premise of the live-action Legends of the Hidden Temple is supposedly inspired by the mid-1990’s TV show that many Millennials will no doubt remember. Mostly, because we were all screaming at the TV at the kid who could never assemble that damn monkey statue correctly. “No, that’s the head. That’s obviously the head!”

This movie comes as part of an unveiling for a slew of new programing for the network, including a two-part TV movie based on Hey Arnold, as well as other projects such as “happy reality” TV programs, like All In, which is a documentary series led by Cam Newton, because the winners get to go to Disney and apparently the losers have to settle for Nickelodeon.

Reportedly the Legends of the Hidden Temple movie is part of a scheme by Nickelodeon and other Viacom properties to try and refresh viewership on their networks. Even powerhouse cable channels like MTV and Comedy Central have seen their numbers drop in recent years, mostly due to the rise of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Nickelodeon’s main ad revenue and subscriber base has shrunk in both 2015 and 2016. By bringing back properties with heavy Millennial nostalgia attached the kids-channel is obviously trying to recapture some of its old viewers and spark the imagination of new ones.

As for the planned movie itself, no details have yet to be released on the Legends of the Hidden Temple movie. We do not know who will star, what the script will consist of, or if there will be a scene where that damn kid still can’t assemble the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. “C’mon, it’s only like three pieces!”

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