Remembering 9/11

We here at The NYRD are all born and raised in the New York area and we keenly remember that day so long ago now. Over the years, we have become different people, the world a different place, but that day remains etched, immutable, in the annals of our memories and our histories. For one moment, the city, the nation, and the world stopped and held their breath. 9/11 was a day where we witnessed some of the worst of humanity and some of its best.

We are nerds, and writers. We are not statesmen, soldiers, or historians. None of us have ever done great deeds or inspired them, and on this day of remembrance we can offer no new information or satisfactory words of comfort or understanding. All we can do is to add our voices and our prayers to that of so many others for the past and the future.

The wound left by 9/11 may never fully heal, and yet we go on. In fact, we have already gone on, affected, afflicted, and humbled by that fateful moment in time. We will never forget and we will never stop trying to honor the loss and lessons of September 11th. Maybe that is all any of us can do now, and just maybe there is no better way to celebrate this day of memorial, a day that reminds us why we must never stop struggling to make our lives meaningful and our world better.

We here at The NYRD want to send our love to those who have lost and our heartfelt thanks to those who continue to struggle fighting the good fight and righting the wrongs both at home and all over the world.

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