Official Suicide Squad Trailer Drops

It looks like the people in Hall H are no longer the only ones who get to put their peepers on the new Suicide Squad trailer. Fresh from SDCC, now you too can revel in the struggle of “Bad versus Evil.” Check it out below, and check out our breakdown further down.


The first shot is of Amanda Waller, well known DC power player basically bragging how she has captured. “the worst of the worst” to two high ranking military officials, possibly a meeting of Checkmate, the Agency, or one of the other hundred shadowy government organizations that have existed in the DC Universe over the years, so take your pick. They talk about the squad as they are still in prison, claiming that the events of Man of Steel may have acted like a beacon to attract other metahumans to come out of the woodwork.

The rest of the conversation seems to talk about why the squad is formed.

“They are bad guys.”

“We have built-in deniability.”

Then we get a montage of the squad starting with Harley Quinn, the person everyone has been waiting to see. We are a big fans of the jester diamond tattoos on her wrist. From the looks of the trailer, Margot Robbie is going to play Harley with the right amount of sweetness, innocence and craziness to make the character work. Unfortunately, from the few lines we get, it seems as if they have dropped the iconic Staten Island accent, which means we may not get to hear the iconic, “Mistah Jay.”

Other than a line from Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang, Will Smith’s Deadshot is the only other character to get in some lines, because of course. It’s Will Smith. His lines are fairly generic, basically giving the movie’s title in a off-comment and confirming how the squad is patsies for the US Government.

Of course the trailer ends with what everyone has been waiting for, Jared Leto as the Joker. It seems as if we are going to get a tatted up silver toothed version of the character. Leto even channels a little Ledger in his voice choice. Yet, this may be a good direction for the character. After all, it looks like Batman V Superman is going to establish that Batman has been around for a while, and that he may even have lost a Robin or two to his ultimate nemesis. So on the same token, the new Joker needs to be menacing, larger than life, but also feel a bit worn. We need to see that hehas spent years battling the Caped Crusader in the streets of Gotham.

It is still too early know how much of the footage shown is actual movie footage or shot exclusively for the trailer and comic con. All the dialogue we hear, especially the lengthy opening scene between Amanda Waller and the military officers could very well be footage shot exclusively for the trailer. They spend a lot of time explaining the concept of Suicide Squad, as if in hopes of interesting the non-comic readers in the movie’s concept.

Well, mission accomplished, because we here at The NYRD are more excited to see the team of villains on the screen than we are to see Superman and Batman duke it out. This is going to be the movie that really deepens the DC movie universe, and now we await 2016 with baited breath.

Photo credit: Courtesy of @DavidAyersMovies


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