It is that time of the year again. The month of October where people dress up in scary and sexy costumes to celebrate the most important event of the year, New York Comic Con. What else would we have been talking about? However, if you don’t have tickets to this premiere New York nerd event, fear not. There is still plenty of geeky/nerdy activities you can take part in that don’t involve talking to that guy scalping tickets on 10th Ave. New York Super Week is a plethora of events happening all over the city, but where to go and what to do? Have no fear The NYRD has you covered with some of the best and greatest things to do after hours this week.



Body Worlds: Pulse Exhibit and Live Sketch – Oct 06, 2015, 6:00 PM – Discovery Times Square
Fans will experience Body Worlds in a whole new way.  In addition to walking through the exhibit, visitors will watch two of the world’s foremost artists live sketch the bodies.  Russ Braun (DC Comics and Disney Animation Studios), Alex Maleev (Daredevil), and Cory Smith, will sketch a few of the bodies while conversing with the crowd and guiding them through the intricacies and techniques used to sketch human anatomy.
Tickets are $27.00 for adult, $23.50 for seniors, and $19.50 for kids 3-11. Buy your ticket now.

Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast – Oct 06, 2015, 7:00 PM – Littlefield
It’s a New York Super Week LIVE edition of “Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast” as Gilbert and co-host Frank Santopadre are joined by outspoken and outrageous comedian, SiriusXM radio host and bestselling author Jim Norton.
Tickets are $5.00. Buy your ticket now.

This Week in Marvel Live Podcast – Oct 06, 2015, 7:30 PM – Discovery Times Square
his Week in Marvel delivers all the Marvel info on news and new releases — comics, video games, toys, TV, film and beyond! Co-hosted by Editorial Director Ryan “”Agent M”” Penagos, Editor Ben Morse and featuring special guests. Tweet questions with the hashtag #ThisWeekinMarvel.
This event is FREE. Space limited.

Running Late with Scott Rogowsky – Oct 06, 2015, 9:00 PM – Littlefield
Featuring special guest Horatio Sanz, Impractical Jokers’ “Sal” Vulcano & Brian “Q” Quinn, along with NY1’s Budd Mishkin. Drawing on the late-night tradition from Carson to Cavett to Conan, host Scott Rogowsky and his sidekick/dad Marty welcome an eclectic mix of comedians, musicians, authors, actors, and local celebs to the couch for a unique live talk show experience that needs to be experienced to be experienced.
Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 day-of show. Buy your ticket now.


GeekFest Film Fest Day One – Oct 07, 2015, 6:00 PM – Gotham West Market (Club Room)
The world’s 1st and largest traveling geek film festival, showcasing the best in indie science fiction, horror, fantasy, fan films, and pop culture films. GeekFest Film Fests tours the United States and screens amazing genre and high concept indie films that comic con audiences will love.
Tickets are $10 per screening or $25 for all 4 screenings per night. Or full pass for $40 for all screenings both nights. Buy your tickets now.

Comics and Jews: Panel and Auction – Oct 07, 2015, 6:30 PM – Center for Jewish History
Join us for a meet&greet with the key Jewish figures of the comic industry, a panel on history of Jews and their formative contribution to the establishment of the comic books industry in the US, and a special silent art auction. The panel will feature Karen Green, Danny Fingerhoff, Arie Kaplan, and Paul Levitz.
Tickets are $10 general, $7 members/seniors/students. Buy your ticket now.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Spelling Bee – Oct 07, 2015, 7:15 PM – Benzaquen Hall at the DiMenna Center
Join us for a spelling bee featuring words from Klingon to Na’vi, from Middle earth to Westeros. Study hard, but you won’t find these words in the dictionary, unless your dictionary was written by JK Rowling or Frank Herbert. This interactive show features awesome prizes and is hosted by Saad Sarwana.
Tickets are $12 advance or $15 at the door. Buy Your ticket now.

FanBros Present the Crossplay Cosplay Contest – Oct 07, 2015, 8:00 PM – Latitude
The cosplay event that everyone has been waiting for, finally an event that celebrates diversity and difference in the cosplay world! The Crossplay Cosplay Contest is centered around the idea of switching races & genders for the ultimate in cosplay change ups.
Tickets are $10 or only $5 if you wear a costume. Buy your ticket now.

Indie Comic Performance with Mindy Indy & Friends! – Oct 07, 2015, 9:00 PM – Gotham City Lounge
Mindy Indy & Friends will be reading Mindy’s latest comic “”Apartment Hunt,”” based on a true story of crazy apartment hunting in NYC – two girls struggling to find a decent place for cheap is harder than it seems.  Comic pages will be projected in an awesome comics-themed bar with cheap hero-themed drinks.  Q&A will follow the reading, including any questions about apartment hunting tips!  Feel free to share your own crazy hunting experiences too.
This event is FREE.


GeekFest Film Fest Day Two – Oct 08, 2015, 5:00 PM – Gotham West Market (Club Room)
The world’s 1st and largest traveling geek film festival, showcasing the best in indie science fiction, horror, fantasy, fan films, and pop culture films. GeekFest Film Fests tours the United States and screens amazing genre and high concept indie films that comic con audiences will love.
Tickets are $10 per screening or $25 for all 4 screenings per night. Or full pass for $40 for all screenings both nights. Buy your tickets now.

Robot Chicken Season 8 Party – Oct 08, 2015, 6:00 PM – Brooklyn Bowl
Join Robot Chicken co-creators Seth Green & Matthew Senreich for an early look at Season 8 and the world premiere of Robot Chicken DC Comics Special III: Magical Friendship. You’ll also be treated to an evening of free bowling, prizes, a DJ set by The Rub, and good company. Must by 21+.
You must reserve your spot. Click here to reserve your spot now.

Rock Band 4 New York Super Week Super Party – Oct 08, 2015, 7:00 PM – Hard Rock Cafe
he team at Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. will be celebrating the launch of Rock Band 4. This is open to all fans  as a New York Super Week event so come party & play Rock Band 4 with the devs that made the game!  Guests will be entered into a raffle upon entrance at the party for a chance to win one of four Rock Band 4 guitars signed by Harmonix developers. Must be 18+.
Tickers are $5. Buy your ticket now.

Muppet Vault – Oct 08, 2015, 7:15 PM – Benzaquen Hall at the DiMenna Center presents The Muppet Vault: Geeky Stuff, a celebration of all the times the Muppets got a bit geeky.  The evening will include screenings of classic and rare clips hand-picked by Muppet experts. The Muppets have done countless pop culture parodies (The Muppet Show’s Pigs in Space, Sesame Street’s recent hilarious Cookie Monster movie spoofs) and worked with tons of geek-friendly guest stars.
Tickets are $10. Buy your ticket now.

Rock N’ Comix – Oct 08, 2015, 7:30 PM – Rock Bar
Oni Press presents Rock N’ Comix 2015, featuring live comix readings and musical performances by the industry’s top talents! Enjoy your favorite creators reading their work as projected large to screen, while musicians perform a live score beneath, followed by an all out comic book rock show! Special guests include Charles Soule, Ted Naifeh, Dean Haspiel, Antony Johnson, Jeffrey Burandt and Americans UK, a live performance by Run by the Gun.
Tickets are $5. Buy your ticket now.

Uptown Showdown: Superheroes vs. Villains – Oct 08, 2015, 8:00 PM – Symphony Space
You never know what to expect at this debate series that brings together two teams of comedians, writers and performers to face-off on a chosen topic. In this special New York Super Week edition, the defenders of justice battle it out with the criminal masterminds. Which are more badass? Those characters we love, or love to hate? Debaters are Janeane Garofalo, Mike Drucker, Michael Hartney (I Love Superman at UCB), Travon Free (The Daily Show), Jessica Delfino (New York Funny Songs Festival), Joe Garden, and Nick Turner.
Tickets are $15. Buy your ticket now.

Star Wars Minute – Oct 08, 2015, 9:00 PM – Benzaquen Hall at the DiMenna Center
Join the co-hosts of the famous Star Wars Minute podcast and their special guests as they analyze, scrutinize and celebrate the virtually-forgotten 1984 TV movie An Ewok Adventure: Caravan of Courage.
Tickets are $7. Buy your ticket now.


The Big Superheroes Quiz Thing – Oct 09, 2015, 6:00 PM – New York Historical Society
Join us for a viewing of the New-York Historical Society’s special exhibition, Superheroes in Gotham, followed by NYC’s premier live trivia company presenting a special themed edition of its multimedia game show spectacular. The Superhero Edition features the world’s greatest multimedia team trivia on the past, present and future of costumed crime fighters — comics, movies, sci-fi, TV and all that other stuff you know so well. Win big prizes and big glory.
This event is FREE. Reserve your seat by calling 212-485-9268.

BBQ Films Blade Rave – Oct 09, 2015, 7:30 PM – Terminal 5
Step into 1998’s BLADE film at the first big Halloween party of 2015. Electronic musicians The Crystal Method headline BLADE RAVE with support from Pictureplane, and more. While the crowd dances to blood-pumping dance tracks, we’ll bring the movie to life as only BBQ Films can.
Tickets are $56. Buy your ticket now.

Aaahh!! Real Trivia: Nickelodeon Trivia Night – Oct 09, 2015, 8:00 PM – Toshi’s Living Room
Can you name all the teams from Legends of the Hidden Temple? What about Helga Pataki’s middle initial?  We double dare you join us for this all-Nickelodeon trivia night to win prizes, gifts, and so much more.
This event is FREE. Reserve your seat now.

Trivia AD Presents: Star Wars Trivia – Oct 09, 2015, 9:00 PM – Discovery Times Square
Prove your Star Wars knowledge in this, the only official Star Wars trivia event of New York Super Week 2015, hosted by Trivia AD.  The city will be crawling with scum and villainy of all kinds this week, so this is your chance to put them in their places.
Tickets are $5. Buy your ticket now.


Batkid Begins – Oct 10, 2015, 7:00 PM – IFC Center
BATKID BEGINS is a documentary that takes you back to November 15th, 2013, the day San Francisco turned into Gotham City, and the day the internet was nice. More than a billion people took to social media to cheer on BatKid, even President Obama! In all, the #SfBatKid and #BatKid hashtags reached more than 1.84 Billion people on Twitter and Instagram.
Tickets are $14 for adults, $10 for kids. Buy your ticket now.

Hollywood Babble On Live! – Oct 10, 2015, 7:30 PM – Hammerstein Ballroom
Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman take a twisted look at showbiz news and bite the Hollywood hand that feeds them. Sometimes, they feel bad and give Hollywood a tetanus shot and some Neosporin, but, even then, they usually just turn around and bite Hollywood’s other hand.
Tickets are $60 VIP Opera Boxes with autographed pic, $40 floor, $30 first balcony, $20 top balcony. Buy your ticket now.

Adult Swim Tyrannic: Second Maiden Voyage – Oct 10, 2015, 8:00 PM – Pier 81
Join a 3 hour cruise along the Hudson, featuring a night of NY views & city sights, an up close look at Lady Liberty, a live performance from a secret musical guest, and the company of your Adult Swim Friends & Family. Must be 21+.
This event is FREE. First come, first serve. Reserve your spot now.

Comic Con Vixens II – Oct 10, 2015, 10:00 PM – Hard Rock Cafe
Multi-award winning mega nerd DANGRRR DOLL brings you one show to rule them all with another epic installment of COMIC CON VIXENS, celebrating the sexy side of New York Super Week and New York Comic Con. Starring some of NYC’s most gorgeous geeks and cosplay burlesque. No fandom is safe from the sexy, crazy brains of the Comic Con Vixens. Must be 21+.
Tickets are $75 VIP, $45 preferred seating, $25 general admission. Buy your ticket now.


PressPlayNYC – Oct 11, 2015, 12:00 PM – Hammerstein Ballroom
Want to meet many of your favorite social media personalities?  Want to take selfies and get autographs with the hottest all-stars on Twitter and Vine today? CLICK HERE for times, guests and prices.

We Got This Live! – Oct 11, 2015, 8:00 PM – Le Poisson Rouge
Featuring special guest John Hodgman for the first ever live We Got This podcast in New York City! Every week on the Maximum Fun Network, Mark Gagliardi and Hal Lublin take the dumb issues in life that people care too much about and settle the argument once and for all. No topic is too small or insignificant for them to dissect and decide. Must be 21+.
Tickets are $15. Buy your ticket now.


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We will see you all at NYCC and around the town at all the great events. Have a safe and wonderful Comic Con.

We are standing at the end of an era. We here at The NYRD do not want to put too fine of a point on this, so we will just be blunt. We are going to miss Jon Stewart, and without him around, the future of American news and politics seems a little more bleaker. Tonight, Stewart finishes up his final show, ending a more than 16 year run on Comedy Central. The final show itself will be full of all the humor and candor that we have come to respect and love about Stewart, but we do not want to talk about the end. Instead, let’s start on the beginning.

At Wit’s Beginning
The year was 1999, and a little know comedian whose specialty seemed to be more sheepish bro humor than scathing political commentary, took the seat of a little know late night comedy show on Comedy Central. The Daily Show began in 1996 with host Craig Kilborn. In the beginning it seemed to have problems finding its footing. It ran more like a parody of a local news program than political satire, but that all changed after Stewart took over. Over those first few years he helped the show develop a style based more on lampooning the major news networks and pointing out the absurdities in the American political system. The change did not happen all at once, but in a sense both he and the show grew together, and we all took notice.

It seemed the grayer Stewart’s hair got, the more popular he became. It may also have helped that he took over at the beginning of a new era of absurdity in news reporting. His first on-air report was literally on Clinton’s Impeachment. We would offer to insert some kind of Clinton-penis-joke here but Monica Lewinsky already did that… And The Daily Show always did it better. In their first ever Presidential race Jon and his associates introduced their Indecision 2000 coverage, a name so overwhelming appropriate that in a time when it seemed like the regular news media has no idea how to cover Florida ballot recounts or Supreme Court rulings on who our President was, that people turned to the “fake new” to make more sense out of the debacle. Then, after the world was rocked by tragic events in New York and the subsequent wars that followed it was Stewart that we all went to for comfort and understanding. He never made the news less scary or depressing, but he made us laugh and told us truths as no one else seemed capable of doing.

Then the world went and changed. Social media, the Internet, and the loss of our collective attention spans altered the way we digested the news. So even as The Daily Show grew and Stewart progressed, the world around him cranked the crazy meter up to eleven. Fox News, CNN, and all the rest became less about reporting and more about ratings, invoking both flag waving and scare tactics, but Stewart adapted. He followed the national conversation and dissected it four times a week for sixteen years, often with more skill and wit than any professional journalist. In the process, The Daily Show went from chasing the national conversation to shaping it. Each day Stewart seemed more at home in his suit and behind his desk, and each year more and more young people were tuning in. He became not just a footnote to the day’s news but the source of it for many. He engaged youth in politics, world events, and even asked the tough questions that other news sources dared not to. He did good in a way so many people can only dream of. He helped change public awareness on many issues, and even got CNN to cancel Crossfire.

No Laughing Matter
A 2007 poll by the Pew Research Center found that Jon Stewart ranked fourth in the category of “Most Admired Journalist,” alongside names like Tom Brokaw, Anderson Cooper, and Dan Rather. By 2009 he landed on top of Times‘s list of “Most Trusted Newscasters”, and with good reason. The show’s success has a lot do with it’s format, but as much to do with the honesty of Stewart himself. A Jersey boy, born and bred, straight-talker who refuses to eat NY pizza with a knife and fork. He is an everyman, the smartest everyman you may ever meet, but over the years he became a voice for everyone in the audience.

The comedian often spoke our frustration, rage, and even depression at the events that were unfolding around him. He watched the world turn from a chair on a sound stage, and the jokes he made seemed like the last bedrock of sanity in a world that was spinning too fast and in the wrong direction. Nothing was ever perfect and Stewart would be the first to admit that The Daily Show made its fair amount of mistakes, but that is the point. He always admitted his faults and failures, never trying to hide behind some sheen illusion of perfection. He also had his detractors, others in the news media, politicians, celebrities, and more. He got his fair share of angry phone calls and emails, but the truth is that for many, being featured on a segment of the The Daily Show was almost a mark of honor.

His opinions sometimes felt harsh, but funny. Even at times when his jokes ran parallel to one’s own opinion you still managed a chuckle. That was the magic of Stewart. He was not demagogue sent to lecture you, but a friend there to give advice over a bottle of beer. Most importantly, he made you think. Well, first he made you laugh, and then ball up in a corner and cry a little, but once you thought about it all, then you got to thinking. Even if you did not share his opinion you still entertained it, and even if your mind was not changed you still respected him for his words.

The Punch Line
will be a word you may hear a lot in other tributes like these that will be floating around in the next week or so, but courage is not the right word. Sure, it takes courage to get on TV every night and say the things others won’t about a Senator or a US President who will be a guest on your show in two days, but there is something more to it. Jon Stewart created a space where comedy informed a greater dialogue, because despite some of the opinions of others, once we learn to laugh about something we fear talking about it less. Maybe humor really is a rubber sword or maybe it had more to do with Stewart himself, but there was a refreshing quality about the 25 minutes we all got to spend together.

He spawned many like him, both friends and imitators. He changed the way people watched and reported the news, but there will never be another Jon Stewart, and we are going to miss him. We can not blame him for retiring, he deserves it, but we wish there was a clear successor to the torch he lit. We face a world where Donald Trump can blast ignorance and insults and be ahead in polls for a Presidential primary, and part of us has to wonder what will we do without our daily dose of sanity. With his retirement from the The Daily Show, Stephen Colbert going mainstream on CBS, Larry Wilmore floundering to find his voice, and only one weekly dosage of John Oliver on HBO, we find ourselves looking out on a landscape that is suddenly less vibrant and a bit more chaotic. -We will not even mention Stewart’s replacement, who no one seems entirely sure about. Where are we going to get our news from now? Certainly, not the 24-hour news networks. If we wanted to watch comedy, we would go to down to Chelsea and catch a stand-up show. At least it would feel more honest.

On a very personal note, Jon Stewart and his drive and passion to engage in the national conversation is one of our major influences here at The NYRD. We know we will never be able to do what he did or even be as funny, but we will never stop trying. He has inspired us and others like us to talk about what is going on and think about how our actions and our voices can change the national debate, and really what higher compliment can you give to any man. Many may call Jon Stewart a cultural phenomena, but he is more than that. His work changed the way people see the world and the way people want to engage in it. So maybe the answer to our hypothetical question is that we are all Jon Stewart’s successors. We may not have cable shows or even blogs, but we have a responsibility to continue the discussion he started.

A Moment of Zen
Between 1999 and 2015 we went from the West Wing to House of Cards. We went from a nation built on hope to one wrapped in fear. Sound bites became shorter and more sensational. Sex tapes made celebrities, while politicians ran for the far corners of their respective aisles. Everything became more sensational and more irrelevant, but Stewart was always there, a friendly Sherpa willing to point us in the right direction and maybe offer us a warm drink and a place to dry off, if only for a short time. When Stewart was on stage it never seemed so bad. Maybe it is a truly absurd world when we have come to rely on our comedians to tell us the truth about the world around us, but no one did it better. We may never see his like again.

We know we should have put more jokes in this article, but for once we just did not feel funny enough to match up to the master, but we at The NYRD want to thank him for all he has done and to remind everyone that it is up to us now, all of us, to continue on with the national discussion, even if it will now be lacking some of the same sharp and childish wit.