Amazon Signs Top Gear

We at The NYRD would not consider ourselves car guys, or automobile girls, or horseless-carriage homo sapiens. After all, we live in New York, and in the words of Philip J. Fry, “No one in New York drove, there was too much traffic.” However, we would be lying if we did not admit that we always found the antics of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May to be highlights of British TV.

The Top Gear trio just announced a three-year contract with Amazon Prime. The deal comes after months of speculation as various streaming TV companies competed to get the high profile car show on their station. This is a major coup for streaming TV as Top Gear has always been not only one of the most popular and long running shows in the UK, but the world. In essence, Clarkson, Hammond, and May could do for streaming what Howard Stern helped do for satellite radio.

The new show is expected to air sometime in 2016. No word yet if whether or not they will be ever be returning to America to drive through Mississippi with a gay pride flag on their car.

The BBC lost the show last year after they released Jeremy Clarkson for getting into an altercation with a producer over catering. Afterwards, Hammond and May resigned, as they refused to work with a replacement, saying they would not do the show without Clarkson. All three walked away from multimillion dollar contracts.

As for Amazon, this will help boost their audience and their notoriety in the world of streaming TV, as they still lag behind services like Netflix.

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