Voltron Legendary Defender

It has finally arrived. Dreamworks Animation and Netflix have teamed up to bring Voltron Legendary Defender to the home streaming service. The cartoon series will be available to watch this summer, and will feature all the classic elements of the Voltron mythos, 5 teenagers, 5 cat robots, all forming to make one giant robot who kicks alien posterior.

The original Voltron was a 1980’s Japanese cartoon series that was ported to America, except with a lot of content cut out. Beast King GoLion was the original Japanese show made for adults, and as such had a lot more violence and non-kid friendly scenes. When the dubbed version came to America as Voltron, the show was pretty much in shambles. All the convoluted anime plot lines combined with all the messy editing made for a fun show but not a very coherent overarching storyline, but that is something this new Dreamworks projects has aimed to fixed.

With the format of Netflix Voltron Legendary Defender will not only have interesting individual episodes but a coherent story that carries through the entire series. Since Netflix programming does not have to rely on time schedules and network TV programming, the show can be less episodic-based and more about a larger story. What you get is quality animation more aligned with modern TV storytelling as opposed to the one-shot story-arcs of cartoons past.

Hopefully, this format will catch on more in the animation world. We are still keeping our fingers crossed that Netflix realizes the potential of cartoons like Young Justice, which they should definitely choose to pick up for a third season… hint… hint…

Voltron Legendary Defender starts airing on June 8 on Netflix. Watch the trailer now:

Image courtesy: http://www.voltronlegendarydefender.com/


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